Top 33 World’s Strangest Buildings

If your thing is to travel and to know incredible and fascinating places here we leave you a compilation of 33 more strange places of the world.

Traveling is good for many things, but it can also increase mental well-being, and not just in the short term. Whether traveling for business, a week of family vacation or having everything to pursue a life on the road, traveling can make you a happier person by building self-confidence, providing new experiences and memories, breaking the routine and allowing you to meet people from all over the world.

Here are 33 buildings you sure did not know existed:

01 The House of Thought (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

02. The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)

03. Stone House (Guimarães, Portugal)

04. Lotus Temple (Delhi, India)

05. Cathedral of Brasilia (Brazil)

06. La Pedrera (Barcelona, Spain)

07. Atomium (Brussels, Belgium)

08. Museum of Contemporary Art (Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

09. Kansas City Library (Missouri, USA)

10. Low impact woodland house (Wales, UK)

11. Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao, Spain)

12. Rotating Tower, Dubai, UAE

It is amazing but you will have the choice of waking up to sunrise in your bedroom and enjoying sunsets over the ocean at dinner.

In addition to being such an incredible engineering miracle it will produce energy for itself and even for other buildings because it will have wind turbines fitted between each rotating floor (picture 2). So an 80-story building will have up to 79 wind turbines, making it a true green power plant.

13. Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada)

14. Casa da musica (Porto, Portugal)

15. Olympic Stadium (Montreal, Canada)

16. Nautilus House (Mexico City, Mexico)

17. The National Library (Minsk, Belarus)

18. National Theatre (Beijing, China)

19. Conch Shell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

20. House Attack (Viena, Austria)

21. Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Egypt)

22. Cubic Houses (Kubus woningen) (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

23. Ideal Palace (France)

24. The Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik, Iceland

25. Eden project (United Kingdom)

26. The Museum of Play (Rochester , USA)

27. Atlantis (Dubai, UAE)

28. Montreal Biosphere (Canada)

29. Wonderworks (Pigeon Forge, TN, USA)

30. The Basket Building (Ohio, EE. UU.)

31. Kunsthaus (Graz, Austria)

32. Forest Spiral (Darmstadt, Germany)

33. Wooden Gagster House (Archangelsk, Russia)

True works of art that are a must destination if you want to travel to know the best of this world.

Source: StrangeBuildings